Therabody Wave Roller

Therabody Wave Roller

"Wave Roller® delivers the most powerful and efficient rolling experience possible by combining foam rolling with vibrational therapy."

  • 5 customisable vibration frequencies
  • 30cm long for Full Body Support
  • High-density, noise dampening foam
  • App guided rolling routines
  • 3-hour battery life for sustained use
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Our Expert Opinion

    The Wave Roller’s high density foam provides a firm yet comfortable massage experience. The grooves help provide extra traction and pressure points allowing you to dig deep into sore areas. We liked how easy it could quickly and effectively treat large areas. 

    The app provides very specific guidance so you can treat your body quickly and effectively. The powerful vibrations give an extra edge so your muscles feel more relaxed and less achey.

Enhanced foam rolling, advanced relief

Get more from your foam rolling. Vibration therapy gives you another dimension of relief, complimenting the compression massage from rolling. Powerful vibrations stimulate your nerves to increase blood flow, reduce pain and decrease muscle tension. This leaves you feeling better while spending less time rolling.

Roll smarter, feel better

Foam rolling can be confusing with so many different recommendations. The Therabody app gives you tailored routines designed by chiropractors and wellness experts. This allows you to treat your body specific to your goals, muscle, injury or sport. Get the most out of your body by being precise.

Maximise every inch of pressure

Poor construction can make regular foam rollers underwhelming. The Wave Roller has been meticulously crafted by scientists and engineers. The materials, shape, size and density have been specifically chosen to provide an elevated rolling experience. Wave shaped grooves maximise the pressure and control you have to dig into tight areas.

Quickly treat large areas

Lacrosse balls and massage sticks can be time consuming when treating large muscles. The Wave Roller is 30cm in length. This allows you to deliver vibration and foam rolling therapy efficiently to large muscles like the legs and back.

What are Vibrational Rollers?

Vibrational Rollers advance the compressive, kneading massage you get from a foam roller by supercharging it with the added benefits of Vibration Therapy. Foam rolling is a form of self-myofascial release or self massage. This reduces muscle tension, improves blood flow and pain free movement whilst increasing your range of motion. 

Vibration Therapy enhances the benefits of foam rolling as it causes vibrations to flow throughout your body. This stimulates your nerves to further reduce pain, relax the muscle and improve blood flow than just using a foam roller. This means you muscles feel more relaxed refreshed, improving your movement and aiding recovery.

Vibration Therapy can also prime you for activity.  Intense vibrations can stimulate more of the muscle to activate, increasing your speed and power .

    Who can Benefit from Rollers?

    The Wave Roller can benefit anyone who seeks a more powerful and efficient foam rolling experience. Whether your goal is to reduce pain, improve recovery or increase mobility, the combined effects of vibration and foam rolling heighten your experience. 

    Wave Roller is ideal for total-body work, specifically your large muscle groups like your legs and back. Although not as pinpoint and intense as the Solo, it is more effective at treating more general and broader pain points. 

    Vibrational Rolling can also help you recover from and prime you for sports performance. Rolling and vibration therapy relax and improve blood flow to the muscles to aid recovery and reduce muscle stiffness. When used before exercise in a more intense manner, vibrational therapy increases muscle activation to improve your warm-up so you are at your best.

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      Therabody Wave Roller Technical Specs

      Accessory Compatibility: Multi-Device Wireless Charger 

      Dimensions: 12.0 in x 5.1 in  (30 cm x 13 cm) 

      Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg) 

      Material: Hypo-allergenic EVA high-density foam 

      Battery Life and Charge Time: 180 minutes 

      Battery Type: 12V Internal Lithium-ion Battery 

      Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty

      When can I use the Wave Roller?

      You can use the Wave Roller anytime for general use. Whether it’s to wake your body up in the morning, deal with aches and pains or to give yourself a relaxing massage before bed.

      For sports use the device can be used before your workout to warm up the muscles and during your workout to activate your muscles. It can also be used after your workout to loosen up the muscles and improve blood flow to aid your recovery.

      How is the Wave Series different from other vibrating devices and foam rollers?

      When it comes to rollers of any sort, you'll find designs consisting of every possible combination of size, shape, and material. The Wave Series was rigorously tested, going through countless iterations to ensure the right density, size, shape, and vibration intensity comfortably and effectively applied the pressure of your bodyweight to specific areas. These key design elements make Wave Series the most advanced rollers in recovery:

      Customized vibration settings

      Every Wave Series device features a variety of powerful vibration frequencies, which can be adjusted to your comfort level manually or via the Therabody app to help release soreness, reduce tension, increase range of motion, and improve movement.

      Smart connectivity

      Connect your Wave Series device to the Therabody app for total control of your rolling experience. Adjust vibration intensity and discover guided Wave Series recovery routines specifically tailored to your needs.

      Innovative wave texture

      Muscle work is all about applying varied angles of pressure to an area in need. The Wave Series is unique in that its innovative wave texture adds an additional dimension of pressure to the muscle, while also providing superior traction control.

      Ergonomic design

      Years of research informed the shape of each device, Therabody have worked with scientists and engineers to ensure they comfortably and efficiently delivered ideal angles of pressure to specific areas of the body.

      What are the benefits of Vibrational Rolling?

      • Reducing pain and improving range of motion
      • Accelerate recovery & Muscle Repair
      • Relaxes your body 
      • Improve sleep
      • Improve blood and lymph flow
      • Manage injury/reduce injury risk
      • Improve mobility 
      • Hydrates tissue
      • Aid-warm up
      • Activate muscles for exercise or reactivate during workout
      • Remodels scar tissue 
      • Relieves muscle spasms

      Can Wave Series devices and Theragun be used together?

      Yes! The Wave Series and Percussive Therapy devices compliment each other to give you the right treatment at the right time. The Wave Rollers provide larger area, deep pressure therapy whereas Percussive Therapy devices provide pinpoint accuracy, with higher pressure over smaller areas. You can combine the two using the Wave Roller to round off your recovery after dealing with deeper pain points. Using both devices provides a versatile tool set to your wellness arsenal, remember to adapt your routines to your evolving needs.

      How do I clean my Wave Series device?

      Make sure to clean your Wave Series device only with a damp cloth or magic eraser. Do not apply alcohol-based cleaner.