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Air Relax PLUS Leg and Hip Recovery System

Supercharge your recovery & performance with enhanced full lower body treatment. Restore fatigued legs, glutes, hips and your lower back.

  • Prime your performance
  • Recover faster and train harder
  • Massage out tension
  • Improve mobility & reduce stiffness
  • Reduce injury risk
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    2 Years

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In just 15 minutes decrease tension and speed up recovery to perform better next session. Unlock your body’s full potential.

Is soreness, stiffness or muscle fatigue limiting your performance?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My muscles feel achey and heavy
  • I feel fatigue or aches in the legs, lower back, glute and hip area
  • Massage therapists are expensive and time consuming
  • It takes too long to recover between workouts
  • I am struggling to up my workout intensity
  • I am finding it hard to improve my performance
  • I struggle to loosen up for warm-ups
  • I don’t have a power source when I need recovery

Air Relax is specifically made to help you recover faster, train harder and perform better

  • Unlock deep tension and muscle soreness with enhanced pressure calibration
  • Recover your full lower body to peak performance
  • Save money and time on expensive massages
  • Massage out muscle pain with improved Massage and Target modes
  • Recover faster in between workouts in as little as 15 minutes
  • Train harder, up your level and beat the competition
  • Feel more mobile, less tense and prepared to perform with a pre-warm up massage
  • On-the-go recovery with an optional wireless battery pack

Push your body to its limits

Air Relax PLUS Leg and Hip Recovery Outside

Primed To Perform

Crush that next workout with a fully recovered lower body.

The hip system complements your recovery boots by restoring other sore but equally important muscles to your athletic performance.

These include the: glutes, hip flexors, abs, lower back and obliques. Feel totally recovered from your workout and ready to go.
Air Relax PLUS Leg and Hip Recovery At Home

Release Muscle Tension & Delayed Soreness

Manage deep pain and stiffness from those tough workouts with 4 enhanced compression modes suited to specific recovery goals.

Air Relax PLUS comes with improved massage and muscle targeting modes to maximise mobility, reduce stiffness and relieve pain.
Air Relax PLUS Leg and Hip Recovery System

Push Your Limits

Speed up and enhance muscle recovery so your muscles are fresher, can train harder and improve faster. 

The secret is Air Relax's industry leading compression power.

Precise pressure calibration and improved compression modes maximise the movement of waste fluids from fatigued muscles and enhance the movement of fresh blood towards them.

This improves your recovery and muscle growth so you can perform better next session
Air Relax PLUS Leg and Hip Recovery At Home

Personalise Your Treatment

Optimise your recovery with Air Relax PLUS' versatile treatment settings.

Relieve your muscles with 4 calibrated pressure levels, advanced muscle targeting and adjust the session time and recovery mode to extract your best.

Easily change your treatment settings via the digital display.

Don't just take our word for it!

Loved & trusted by athletes and wellness enthusiasts

  • Specifications
  • Warranty
  • What's Included?


Rating input:

18V; 2A

AC Adapter:

Input 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 60W / Output:18V, 3.15A

Battery Pack (optional):

14.4V, 5000mAh, 72Wh

Pressure Range:

Compressor V/min:
15Ltr / min
Program cycle:
15 or 30 min
Compressor Size:
Total Weight: 


LED Display
5x Buttons
4 Chambers
2 Years


Each of our products comes with a standard 24 month manufacturer warranty so if your product is broken or doesn’t function as it should, due to a technical problem malfunction or damaged part, we will either repair the product or send you a replacement. In the unlikely event of your product failing or malfunctioning, please email us ( with the issue you’re experiencing and your order details. The 2-year warranty does not cover accidental damage or misuse. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange shipment of your package to our location.

What's Included?

  • Air Relax Compressor PLUS
  • Pair of leg cuff / compression boots
  • Shorts
  • User manual
  • Contraindications

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When will I receive my item?
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Can I return my item?
Yes! You have a 30-day RISK-FREE trial which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. To be eligible for a return your item must be in the same condition that you received it with its original packaging and accessories.

What is Dynamic Compression Therapy?

Dynamic Compression Therapy involves the sequential inflation of compression boots through separated compartments using pressurised air.

Squeezing of your muscles mimics muscular contractions which moves deoxygenated blood, cell waste and lymph fluid away from fatigued muscles.

The goal is to squeeze from the bottom of the limbs sequentially toward the centre of the body where waste materials are removed.

On release of each compartment oxygen rich blood rushes towards the muscle. This acts to reduce inflammation, improve circulation and speed up muscle recovery.

Powerful compression of the muscle also replicates massage therapy which has the effect of relaxing and loosening up tight muscles.

This improves soreness, stiffness and flexibility so you can feel and move better sooner to train harder

Who can benefit from Compression Therapy?
For athletes it optimises your recovery so you can perform better. Improving blood flow, reducing soreness and flushing out cell waste allows you to recover faster and better. Your body gets stronger in response to each workout. Recovery boots allows the muscles to recover better so you can push further and give the muscles a stronger stimulus to grow after that next workout.

Everyday users can also benefit from the therapeutic effects of compression therapy. A firm yet soothing massage reduces stiffness and pain whilst enhancing your mobility. We have found compression therapy to be popular with people who are sore from being on their feet all day or just wanting to relax tight and sore muscles.

Dynamic Compression Therapy has also been used to speed up rehabilitation from surgery although we recommend seeking medical advice before such use.

The Air Relax PLUS compression devices are medically certified to be used for individuals suffering from circulatory disorders such as lymphedema, venuous insufficiency and peripheral heart disease. Once again we advise consulting a medical practitioner first.
What are the benefits of Dynamic Compression Therapy?
  • Reducing pain and improving range of motion
  • Accelerate recovery & muscle repair
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Improve blood and lymph (waste fluid) circulation
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Aids rehabilitation
  • Improves mobility
  • Aids-warm up
  • Relieves muscle spasms
What are the differences between the Air Relax Standard and Air Relax PLUS?
Air Relax PLUS has improved compression modes to flush out toxins from the body and enhance circulation.

Air Relax PLUS has a pressure sensor which provides precise pressure maintenance without any drop off. Although the PLUS has a max pressure of 170mmHg and the Standard has 230mmHg we found the PLUS to provide stronger compression due to its better calibration.

The PLUS does not have Auto-mode which combines all the other compression modes together.

A-mode (Peristaltic) and B-mode (Sequential) on the Standard have been upgraded on the PLUS to prevent flow back of waste products which improves your recovery session. On the PLUS they are now called P-mode and S-mode respectively.
P-mode now has overlapping inflation of chambers to prevent flow back of waste products towards the foot by keeping the previous chamber in the sequence inflated.
This helps improve flush out of waste fluids and the quality of your recovery.

S-mode now only inflates proximally or towards the centre of the body rather than going towards the centre of the body and then back towards the feet in cycles.

Unlike the Standard model where we only advise using this mode for massage on the PLUS you can use this mode to flush waste products towards the centre of the body.

B-mode on the standard goes in both directions which is why we recommend it only for massage.

The PLUS allows you to extend your session time from 15 to 30 minutes and there is an optional rechargeable battery pack providing wireless compression when you are on-the-go.
On Target mode the PLUS allows you to isolate three consecutive chambers at a time.
How long does each session last?
Each programme lasts 15 minutes.

The PLUS models give you the option to extend your treatment time to 30 minutes.
How long for and often should I use Air Relax?
It is recommended to spend anywhere from 15-45 minutes a session every other day to maximise the benefits from Dynamic Compression Therapy.

Listen to your body and see how it responds to find the best treatment set-up for you.
Can I use compression therapy and when should I not use compression therapy?
Please carefully read the contraindications.

DO NOT USE the Air Relax Recovery system if you have any of the following conditions:

• Inflammation, Infection, Pain of unknown origin, Internal or External Bleeding, any Wounds, Lesions, Tumours , Bone Fractures or Dislocation at or near site of application
• Acute Pulmonary Oedema
• Acute Thrombophlebitis
• Acute Infections
• Deep Vein Thrombosis
• Episodes of Pulmonary Embolism
• Acute Congestive Cardiac Failure
• Or any condition where increased Venous & Lymphatic Return is undesirable
• You are pregnant
Please consult your doctor before using the Air Relax Recovery system if you have any of the following conditions:
• You have a cardiac pacemaker
• You have an implant at or near the site of application
• You feel weak
• You suffer from Diabetes (Types I & II)

Please stop use immediately & consult your doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms:

• You feel weak, light headed, or faint
• You show signs of peripheral nerve compression such as pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness
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Air Relax PLUS Leg and Hip Recovery System

Perform better with premium deep compression therapy. Deal with DOMS and recover those tired, achey legs.

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    Free Returns

  • Warranty


    2-Year Warranty

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