Air Relax Leg Recovery Boots

Air Relax Leg Recovery Boots

"An athlete’s best friend. Affordable, easy to use and most importantly, effective for boosting recovery and improving performance."

  • Up to 230mmHg of pressure
  • Four compression chambers
  • 5 specialised compression modes
  • Digital LED display
  • Durable, portable and light-weight system
  • Optional Carry case for easy transport
  • 2-Year warranty 
  • Our Expert Opinion

    The benchmark for quality, affordable dynamic compression therapy. The pressure range up to 230mmHg satisfies those who love the firmest of massages. A digital LED display makes the device easy to use see which settings have been selected . We loved the range of compression modes dedicated to different aspects of recovery and letting you target sore areas. 

    The therapeutic squeezing sensation during and floating feeling after leaves you feeling fresh. It's practical and therapeutic experience. You can use the Air Relax recovery boots whilst reading a book or watching your favourite TV program!

Stronger, faster, fitter

The better your body heals after each workout the stronger you get. 230mmHg of industry leading compression boosts circulation to fatigued muscles. This improves oxygen supply and removes waste products, improving muscle repair and growth. Take care of your muscles so you can grow stronger and perform better.

Recover quicker, train harder

To train more you need to recover better. With five custom compression modes, Air Relax tailors your recovery to your needs. Whether you are flushing out the body, massaging or targeting specific areas, give your muscles the treatment they need. Recover smarter, train harder and reach your potential.

Move better

Stiffness and soreness impedes your ability to perform, whether in training or everyday life. Four compression chambers firmly massage along your muscle, reducing stiffness and pain while improving range of motion. Many athletes have reported new levels of flexibility after using the device. This not only improves your recovery but also your mobility, making you more athletic.

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Feel fresher in no time

Recovery is easier than you think. You don’t have to exert yourself or pay for a massage. Use Air Relax recovery boots at home whenever you want. Sit back and relax or even work on your laptop! Just 15 minutes of using Air Relax has been shown to decrease pain and tension. It’s practical and effective.

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Voltage Input: 220V, 50Hz

Power Consumption: 30W

Maximum Pressure: 230mmHg

Compressor V/min: 15Ltr / min

Program Cycle: 15 min

Compressor Size: 25.9cm x 17.8cm x 13cm

Total Weight: ~2.5Kg

Noise: 50dB(A)

Screen: LED Display

Controls: 5x Buttons

Chambers/Boot: 4 Chambers

What are the benefits of Dynamic Compression Therapy?

  • Reducing pain and improving range of motion
  • Accelerate recovery & Muscle Repair
  • Relaxes your muscles
  • Improve blood and lymph (waste fluid) circulation
  • Manage injury/reduce injury risk
  • Improves mobility 
  • Aid-warm up
  • Relieves muscle spasms

How many compression chambers are there?

There are four compression chambers or zones.

What are the differences between the Air Relax Standard and Air Relax PLUS?

Air Relax PLUS has improved compression modes to improve flushing out of your body and circulation.

Air Relax PLUS has a pressure sensor which providing highly accurate pressure maintenance without any drop off. Although the PLUS has a max pressure of 170mmHg and the Standard has 230mmHg we found the PLUS to provide stronger compression due to its better calibration.

The PLUS does not have Auto-mode which combines all other compression modes together. 

A-mode (Peristaltic) and B-mode (Sequential) on the Standard have been upgraded on the PLUS to prevent flow back of waste products which improves your recovery session. On the PLUS they are now called P-mode and S-mode respectively. 

P-mode now has overlapping chambers to prevent flow back of waste products towards the foot by keeping the previous chamber in the sequence inflated. This helps improve flush out and the quality of your recovery.

S-mode now only inflates proximally or towards the centre of the body, rather than going towards the centre of the body and then back towards the feet in cycles. This means that like the Standard model you use it for massage but now you can use this mode on the PLUS flush waste products towards the centre of the body. B-mode on the standard goes in both directions which is why we recommend it only for massage.

The PLUS allows you to extend your session time from 15 to 30 minutes and there is an optional rechargeable battery pack providing wireless compression when you are on-the-go.

On Target mode, the PLUS allows you to target three consecutive chambers at a time.

How long does each session last?

Each programme lasts 15 minutes.

How should I use the device?

We recommend putting the boots on before plugging the hose from the boots into the device so you do not accidentally pull the controller off the table, bed or sofa. 

Turn the device on starting off with the lowest pressure to get accustomed to the sensation. Gradually increase the pressure until you have reached one that you still feel comfortable with.

We recommend Peristaltic mode (A-mode) for flushing out the body. 

Sequential (B-mode), Massage (C-mode) and Target mode provide different ways to massage the body. 

Auto mode combines multiple modes to combine these benefits into one programme.

How long should recovery session be?

It is recommended to spend from 15-45 minutes a session every other day to maximise the benefits from Dynamic Compression Therapy.

Listen to your body and see how it responds to find the best treatment set-up for you.

How many pressure levels does Air Relax Leg Recovery System have?

There are four pressure levels which you can adjust whilst the device is operating. Do not squeeze too hard as this defeats the point of relaxing your muscles and reducing pain.

The chambers are compressing in the wrong order?

Flip the hose plug connector the other way and plug it into the socket. Make sure the side with the word ‘TOP’ facing up.

Can I use compression therapy and when should I not use compression therapy?

Please carefully read the contraindications.


DO NOT USE the Air Relax Recovery system if you have any of the following conditions:

• Inflammation, Infection, Pain of unknown origin, Internal or External Bleeding, any Wounds, Lesions, Tumours , Bone Fractures or Dislocation at or near site of application

• Acute Pulmonary Oedema

• Acute Thrombophlebitis

• Acute Infections

• Deep Vein Thrombosis

• Episodes of Pulmonary Embolism

• Acute Congestive Cardiac Failure

• Or any condition where increased Venous & Lymphatic Return is undesirable

• You are pregnant

Please consult your doctor before using the Air Relax Recovery system if you have any of the following conditions:

• You have a cardiac pacemaker

• You have an implant at or near the site of application

• You feel weak

• You suffer from Diabetes (Types I & II)

Please stop use immediately & consult your doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms:

• You feel weak, light headed, or faint

• You show signs of peripheral nerve compression such as pain, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness

What colour are the boots?

The boots are black with white writing.