Air Relax Leg and Hip Recovery System

Air Relax Leg and Hip Recovery System


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The Air Relax Leg & Hip Recovery System is a high quality dynamic compression device to optimise your performance with full lower body recovery. 

Sequential inflation of different boot chambers by the dynamic compression system restricts blood flow to localised areas of muscle and on release allows nutrient rich blood to race to the site. This increases blood and lymph circulation along with the removal of waste products, soreness and stiffness whilst also increasing mobility and flexibility, improving recovery and performance.

Choose from a variety of recovery settings with five compression modes and a max pressure of up to 230mmHg around twice that of other brands. Compression therapy has been scientifically shown to significantly increase sports performance and reduce fatigue allowing you to train harder and more often.

Key Features 

Full lower body recovery

The Leg & Hip System maximises recovery and athletic performance by targeting additional key lower body areas that the leg system is unable to reach such as the hip flexors, lower back, lower abs and glutes.

230mmHg Pressure

Air Relax has a max pressure of up to 230mmHg which is twice the pressure of other brands giving you more than enough compression power to optimise your recovery.

Digitally controlled operation cycle

Choose from a variety of recovery modes at a touch of button. 5 compression modes and 4 pressure levels give you a range of settings based on your needs and goals. (Peristaltic, Sequential, Massage, Peristaltic + Sequential, Targeted Compression Mode).

Easy and convenient

This is a high quality, durable and portable system combined with a lightweight design. The device is easy to use providing you with all the benefits of a sports massage in the comfort of your own home whenever you need.

In the Box... 

  • Compressor
  • Pair of leg cuffs / compression boots
  • Shorts
  • User Manual
  • Contraindications
  • Reviews
  • Tech Specs

Air Relax Deluxe Package Technical Specs

Download User Manual Here

Voltage Input: 220V, 50Hz

Power Comsumption: 30W

Maximum Pressure: 230mmHg

Compressor V/min: 15Ltr / min

Program Cycle: 15 min

Compressor Size: 25.9cm x 17.8cm x 13cm

Total Weight: ~2.5Kg

Noise: 50dB(A)

Screen: LED Display

Controls: 5x Buttons

Chambers/Boot: 4 Chambers