Mela Weighted Blanket - Single

Mela Weighted Blanket - Single

"Engineered to enhance your comfort and melt away anxiety to create a deep, rejuvenating sleep. Anti-rustle glass quartz pellets move to hug around and soothe your body."

  • Anti-rustle weighted glass pellets
  • Double-sided washable cover; 100% cooling cotton and a super soft polyester fleece
  • Ultra breathable
  • Choose the perfect weight
  • Oeko Tex certified against chemicals and toxins
  • Our Expert Opinion

    Mela’s weighted blanket adds a new dimension of comfort to help you relax and sleep. When placing the blanket on the body the glass quartz pellets wrap around you providing an instant soothing effect. 

    We found the blanket was cool and the cover was super soft on the skin allowing us to sleep well through the night. The free bed cover came with ties which was perfect as it prevents the duvet shifting inside the cover. This maintained warmth, comfort and deep pressure stimulation.

Stress less, sleep easier

A busy mind and tense, restless muscles can keep our body overexcited. Mela’s weighted blanket presses and cocoons around your body creating a sense of calm and tranquility. This unwinds and relax your nervous system by increasing the release of happy hormones and decreasing stress hormones. This instills a sense of stillness guiding your body and mind towards a great night’s sleep.

Sleep through the night

An inability to sleep throughout the night is stressful and frustrating. Anti-rustle glass pellets mould around your body providing constant, soothing deep pressure therapy. An ultra-breathable cotton shell maintains air flow keeping you at just the right temperature. Together this help keep your body calm and snug to minimise sleep interruption and to help you drift off quickly if you do wake up.

Feel your best each day

Lack of sleep leaves us feeling one step behind and not our usual selves. The constant hug provided by a weighted blanket helps you sleep deeper, leaving you feeling truly restored when you awake. Give your energy, mood and health a boost to enjoy and make the most of each day.

Enhanced sleep comfort

Mela elevates your relaxation and snugness. The weighted beads feel like a soft but constant massage around the body enhancing your comfort. High quality materials help amplify Mela’s soothing nature. The double sided blanket cover is made from super soft polyester on top and 100% cotton below giving you the best of both. Feel more relaxed, snug and ready to sleep than ever before. 

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Mela Blanket Technical Specifications


Inner blanket:

Weighted with SGS certified, anti-rustle weighted glass pellets, engineered to mould to your unique shape

Made with a 100% ultra breathable cotton shell designed to maintain cool airflow and keep your bed at just the right temperature

Removable cover:

One side 100% 300TC cotton 

One side super soft recycled polyester. 

Every product is Oeko-Tex certified to ensure they are free from harmful toxins or chemicals

What are the benefits of deep pressure therapy / deep touch pressure?

  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Relax and calm
  • Reduce overstimulation and excitability
  • Decrease stress hormones (cortisol)
  • Improve mood by increasing happy chemicals (serotonin and dopmaine) 
  • Improve sleep (increasing melatonin)
  • Calm achey and twitchy muscles

What is the difference between a kid and adult weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets should be proportional to the weight of the user which is why kids blankets are lighter. Adult blankets range from 5.5kg to 11kg and are available in single, double or king sizes. They are intended for adult use only so do not leave your child or pet unattended.

Kids blankets are available in single size and weigh 2-4 kg. 

All blankets are weighted with tiny quartz glass pellets which cocoon and mould around your body. These pellets are blended with a plush filler and are encased in 100% ultra-soft cotton

What is the right weight for me?

It is recommended to choose a blanket that is between 8-12% of your bodyweight. If this overlaps between different weights then it is really down to your preference. 

How much weight you want is subjective. Some people may want a very light pressure outside the 8-12% range and others a heavier pressure. 

Just be mindful that a lighter pressure may potentially leave you feeling underwhelmed by the pressure stimulation. On the other side a heavier weight may feel slightly suffocating or it may be hard for you to adjust the blanket. 

How should I use my blanket?

Individual Use

Every blanket is designed for individual use for optimal weight distribution in order to maximise deep pressure therapy. Couples should also have individual blankets. 

Using your blanket

It’s pretty simple! Lie in your bed or wherever you are relaxing and place the blanket so its over your whole body. 

You can use the weighted blanket on its own. If you want you can use it with your existing blanket, placing it on-top or underneath. Using it ourselves we feel the pressure therapy is more powerful with the weighted blanket in contact directly with the body. 

To double the weight in any area you can fold the blanket in half.


We love cuddling up with our pets. However, just be aware that despite Mela’s high quality fabrics they aren’t bite or claw-proof

Protect your blanket

Keep the blanket away from direct sources of heat which can damage the glass pellets inside the blanket.

Can I wash the Mela duvet and blanket, if so how?

Yes you can! Specific advice for both the blanket and duvet is in your instruction booklet.

Generally speaking: 

• Wash at a max of 30°C
• Use a cold gentle cycle
• Do not iron
• Do not tumble dry
• Lay flat to dryFLAT DRY:
To dry your blanket place it flat on top of a few large towels to soak up any excess water. This will prevent the blanket from losing its shape.HANG DRY:
You can hang-dry your blanket, but doing so may decrease the lifespan of your blanket.DO NOT TUMBLE DRY.
This product is not suitable for dry cleaning or for being used in a clothes dryer as it damages the blanket and reduces its lifespan