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Airofit Pro Respiratory Trainer

Maximise physical performance & minimise everyday breathlessness. The ultimate SMART breathe training system.

  • Maximise energy & performance
  • Minimise breathless & fatigue
  • Improve faster with technique feedback
  • Track your progress by measuring each breathe
  • Easy to follow routines
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    30 Day Risk-Free Trial

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    2 Years

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With just 5-10 mins training a day improve your energy and performance, beat breathlessness.

Getting out of breathe too quickly in sports or everyday life?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I get breathless with normal activities
  • My lungs struggle to keep up with me when working out
  • I'm not sure how I can ensure my breathe progress and technique
  • I struggle with breathing in and out
  • I don’t have much time in the day to practice
  • I am not sure how to carry out these exercises
  • I don’t want generic breathe exercises

Airofit PRO is designed to maximise your breathing performance

  • Maximise performance in training and competitions with 17 advanced exercises
  • Feel more energy with everyday activities
  • Optimise your progress with live breath measurement and feedback
  • Isolate your breathing muscles with adjustable air flow resistance
  • Train inhalation and exhalation
  • Just 5-10 mins of training a day outside of training
  • Progress fast and easy with goal-specific guided programmes

Your ultimate breathe training coach

Airofit Pro Breathing Trainer Athlete

Maximise Energy and Performance

Get less tired. Whether it is carrying out daily activities, training or during a race.

Airofit PRO isolates your respiratory muscles with adjustable airflow resistance to improve your breathe performance, reduce respiratory fatigue and lower your heart rate.

Train at just the right intensity level to progress with 5 inspiratory and expiratory resistance settings.
Airofit Pro Breathing Trainer At Home

Maximise Your Breathe Progress

Make your breathe progression as easy and quick as possible with a personalised training plan based on your goals and performance.

Ensure speedy results by using the correct technique with live breathe-by-breathe guidance giving you constant feedback.

Improve every aspect of breathing with 17 unique breathing training sessions.
Airofit Pro Breathing Trainer App

Leave Nothing To Chance

Know you are progressing and when you need to increase your intensity. Airofit Pro tracks every session allowing you to constantly adjust and improve your training.

Continually progress with the data you need with stats on your lung capacity, power, technique and lung tests.

30 Day FREE Premium membership

Get 30 days of top tier training with goal-specific training programs, training tips and advanced stats.

Includes custom breathing programs for sports such as:
Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Crossfit, Golf, Basketball, Football, Tennis and OCR.

You also receive 5 tailored wellness programs for:
Recovery, Relaxation, Improved immune system, Stress and Sleep. Cancel anytime.
Personalised Training
Progress even faster by training specifically to your goals. 
Train functionally with custom training based on your sport. 

Benefit more from training programs created specifically for your interest designed by breathing experts and used by some of the world’s top athletes.
Advanced Training Statistics
Track your data over an unlimited period of time with Premium. Get the best out of your training with unlimited insights on all your training stats so you can consistently improve. Set the right goals and see how well you are really doing by comparing yourself to your peers (same age, height and weight).
Training Tips

Supercharge your progress with valuable tips based on your stats. Data-driven training tips tell you how to improve faster, keep you on track and compares your progress and habits to your peers. Giving you the perspective and adjustments you need to progress.

Don't just take our word for it!

Loved & trusted by athletes and wellness enthusiasts

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Micro USB 2.0
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 Works with iOS 11 or newer and Android 7 or newer

Operating and Charging Temperature: 5°C to 45°C
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2 Years


Airofit offers a 2-year warranty on our product. The warranty covers all the manufacturer’s faults.

The warranty however does not cover damaged devices due to day-to-day use and other damages caused by accidents. In order to examine whether the errors are covered by the warranty, fill out our PRA form, and send it to together with enclosed photos/video of the damage. You will hear from us within one business day and we will solve your issue as soon as possible.

What's Included?

  • Airofit PRO trainer
  • Extra mouth piece
  • Micro USB cable
  • User Manual

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What is respiratory training and the benefits?

Respiratory training is a technique to improve respiratory muscle function through breathing exercises against resistance.

Exercising the breathing muscles against resistance increases their growth and strength. This allows you to breathe more air in and out of your lungs while using less oxygen to power your lungs.

This is important as it is the respiratory muscles which force air in and out of the lungs. Making them stronger means you become a more powerful and efficient breather, reducing your fatigue.

The benefits of respiratory training are:

Improved vital lung capacity

Stronger respiratory muscles allow you to take full advantage of your lung capacity by driving more oxygenated air in and deoxygenated air out of the lungs.

This maximises your vital lung capacity which is the maximum amount of air you can inhale after a maximum exhale.

Your breathing muscles also become more efficient at breathing they needs less oxygen to function so you fatigue slower.

Increased anaerobic threshold

Our ability to tolerate carbon dioxide in the body and remove it quickly (anaerobic threshold) also determines how tired we get. By training your ability to hold your breathe with empty lungs and your exhale power to remove carbon dioxide and resupply oxygen, respiratory training delays fatigue so you can go further.

Stronger respiratory and core muscles

Strong core muscles keep your body in the right position for efficient breathing and helps ensure proper posture and movement technique in every day life and sports preventing fatigue. Airofit also increases respiratory strength meaning your muscles can exert more force and exchange more air whilst using less energy. This prevents core and respiratory muscle fatigue which speeds up tiredness.

Improved core flexibility & rotational force

Strength is also about the range of movement and stability we have in our muscles. Respiratory training increases the flexibility of our core muscles like the diaphragm and thorax. This means we can use the full range of movement of these muscles to force more air in and out the lungs.

Like an elastic band the longer our muscles stretch the more force we can potentially generate.

Breathe training allows you to produce more powerful movements where the torso twists. Golfers using Airofit increased their ball speed by 7% thanks to a stronger and more flexible core.

Who can benefit from respiratory training?
Respiratory training benefits anyone wanting to improve their breathing whether for sports performance or general wellbeing.

For athletes weak respiratory muscles limit the amount of air you can exchange and they fatigue faster which speeds up your exhaustion.

This is because they exchange air less effectively when you are tired and use more oxygen which other muscles need.
By maximising the amount of oxygen you can breathe in, C02 you can remove and the strength of these muscles, you are fuelling your body more effectively and efficiently. Your core is also stronger and more durable improving your stability and technique. Together this reduces your fatigue and improves oxygen supply to your muscles which elevates your performance.
Airofit has benefited athletes in all sports. From jiu jitsu to rugby, football to swimming, running, cycling or freediving. Whether your sport is intermittent or continuous a stronger core and better respiratory system allows us to give our body the stability and energy to perform better.

General health and wellness
Respiratory training also helps people who want improve their general health. Stronger breathing muscles help reduce breathlessness you experience from everyday life. This is because more powerful respiratory muscles move more air in and out of your lungs to fuel your body.
How does Airofit work?
Airofit contains two resistance wheels providing adjustable resistance against your breathing muscles for both inspiration and expiration. Air goes in through one resistance wheel then into your mouth when inhaling and out of your mouth and then through the other wheel when exhaling. Like any other muscle your breathing muscles become stronger and more efficient when trained against resistance.

The Airofit app provides live session guidance to perfect your technique to maximise your breathing benefits.

PRO sets your training according to regular lung tests and your chosen goals. It gives live feedback on your breathing and tracks your performance over time.

Airofit should only be used outside of physical activity. This is so we can effectively isolate your respiratory muscles to produce significant results. This maximises improvements in strength, muscle growth and most importantly breathing capacity.
What does Airofit PRO measure?
It measures your vital lung capacity, inspiratory pressure and expiratory pressure to optimise your training. PRO also allows you to review your training history over the last 30 days.

Airofit Premium has advanced statistics including: detailed lung and training history, compare data to similar peers and unlimited training history.
How long should I use Airofit a day?
Start off with two 5 minute sessions a day. Work up to two 10 minute sessions a day for optimal results.

Always listen to your body. If training becomes too intense you should take a break.
What makes Airofit PRO different?
Airofit is one of the only breathing trainers in the world which trains both inspiration and expiration. This allows you to maximise the air you can breathe in and out of your lungs by developing the specific muscles involved. Both are important for stopping breathlessness and improving performance whether in sport or everyday life.

Unlike other breathing trainers Airofit PRO comes with an app to systemise your training to prevent guess work and unproductive sessions. PRO sets your training according to regular lung tests and your goal depending on your selected focus area. It guides your breathing in session while measuring performance and tracking your progress over time.

This means you get live guidance on custom routines designed by respiratory experts which are tailored to your ability. It is a training system to give you confidence in your breathe training and more importantly effective results.
Can Airofit help with respiratory problems like asthma?

Airofit was originally designed to help with asthma and COPD as respiratory training is known to relieve these symptoms. Although Airofit isn’t a medical device it works exactly like other medically approved devices. There have been many positive reviews from users who have relieved these problems when using Airofit.

Respiratory training improves your tidal volume which is the amount of air we breathe in and out in one cycle. This reduces shortness of breathe especially when we are walking or exercising and prevents us from wasting energy due to inefficient breathing muscles. It’s important to remember that our individual conditions are different so we would recommend consulting with a doctor first.

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Airofit Pro Respiratory Trainer

Maximise your physical performance and general health with the ultimate SMART breathe training system.

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    Free Returns

  • Warranty


    2-Year Warranty

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