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Iron Neck Varsity Bundle

Enhance athletic performance. Increase neck size, power, resist chokes and reduce concussion with added rotational resistance.

  • Improve sports performance
  • Increase neck size and strength
  • Better absorb impacts & reduce injury risk
  • Improve range of motion
  • Enhance stability and core strength
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A stronger, more athletic neck in 3 easy steps.

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Receive insightful video tips enabling you to use your Iron Neck effectively. Iron Neck’s training programmes guide you to neck progress.
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Perform Your Best
With just 5-10 mins training a day improve your neck strength, mobility and resilience. Unlock your body's potential.

Is a weak neck holding your performance back?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I can’t move my neck fully
  • My neck gets injured easily
  • My neck is weak or gets tired quickly
  • I have pain in my neck and back
  • I suffer from poor posture
  • I don’t know what exercises to do

Iron Neck Varsity is specifically made to enhance neck performance so you can beat the competition

  • Stretch and strengthen to reclaim neck movement
  • Reduce injury risk with rotational training
  • Perform better with a strong, efficient neck via resistance training
  • Feel pain free in your neck and back
  • Activate your kinetic chain to improve posture and perform better
  • Progress fast with easy to follow exercise routines

Train your neck for high performance

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Perform Better & Reduce Injury

Compete to your very best with a neck able to out power, resist and absorb impacts from contact sports. 

Constant rotational friction lets you strengthen neck rotation (turning side to side) allowing you to strengthen your neck's muscle contractions.

This is vital for contact sports such as rugby, boxing, MMA and jiu jitsu.

Varsity helps improve scrummaging, posturing, maintaining stability, absorbing blows, neck endurance and mobility which are critical to performance.
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Build A Strong Base

Strengthen your neck & back with linear (isometric) resistance that builds stability and foundational strength for a healthy, mobile neck.

This gives you the solid base required to build real neck strength and performance, whilst minimizing injury risk. 

Improve posture by activating muscles down your kinetic chain as the resistance band turns muscles on from the neck to the foot.

Better posture means more efficient movement and improved performance.
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Easy Set-Up

Simply adjust your head piece and connect your Iron Neck to a door with your door anchor or to a post with your cinch anchor.

Easily use your Iron Neck anywhere by connecting it to any weight-loaded cable pulley system, pneumatic resistance machine or resistance band.

Train comfortably with variable skull cap sizes and a secure head strap for a perfect fit.
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Easy Results

Get the neck results you want with an expert designed training programme along with training videos.

Grow a stronger neck fast by doing the correct exercises with the right form and volume of training.

Don't just take our word for it!

Loved & trusted by athletes and wellness enthusiasts

  • Warranty
  • What's Included?


Iron Neck is fully warranted against manufacturing defects for a period of one year after purchase.

Costs for material and labor are covered under first year warranty. After 1 year, Iron Neck will
repair damage (if possible) at customer's expense. If for any reason you experience mechanical
failure during intended use, reach out to us at

What's Included?

  • 25lb resistance band
  • Door anchor
  • Cinch anchor
  • Skull cap
  • Exercise poster
  • 3 Interchangeable front pads

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Is Iron Neck training safe?
Iron Neck is safer than any other form of neck training as the guided training program focusses on isometric exercises first (contracting the muscle while it is still against resistance). Isometrics are foundational for rehab, healthy posture as they strengthen the muscles involved in stabilising the neck first, placing less tension and risk on your muscles and joints.

This safely builds a foundation of strength and good posture before performing exercises where the muscles change length such as rotating the neck in circles and turning side to side.

Rotational (rotating your head side-to-side) and isometric training have been foundations of strength training for years. Iron neck has intelligently applied these proven principles to neck training to produce more functional and effective results in strength and pain free range of motion.

Iron Neck has programmes designed by physiotherapists and trainers so you can safely train the neck with good form and the right progressions for your unique goals. It’s used by countless athletes, chiropractors and physiotherapists.

Like any exercise with proper form and with sensible weight Iron Neck is safe to use. Clear instructions on using your device from ourselves and Iron Neck help ensure this.
What are the Benefits of Iron Neck Training?
  • Iron neck helps you build a stronger, healthier and better functioning body by strengthening your neck, back and core. This has benefits both for everyday health and sports performance.

  • The primary benefits are:
  • Improving full-body posture, range of motion, flexibility and movement biomechanics by retraining and restoring the balance between overworked and undertrained muscles.
  • Eliminating back and neck pain by strengthening muscles that are key to supporting the head and spine to maintain healthy posture
  • Reducing whiplash and concussive forces by building a stronger neck and core
  • Increasing sports performance by improving posture, core and neck strength and muscular endurance
How is resistance applied to my neck?
There are two types of potential resistance when training with Iron Neck: linear and rotational.

Linear resistance is applied by connecting your Iron neck to a cable pulley machine or resistance band. As the source of resistance is at a high lever point on your body muscles through your entire kinetic chain are activated and engaged improving core stability and posture.

Linear resistance can be adjusted moving toward the anchor point (decreasing resistance) or away from it (increasing resistance). You can change your resistance band or the distance from the anchor point to suit your needs. Each Iron neck bundle comes with a 25lb resistance band. At 9ft it will apply 25lbs of force. This will decreases you get closer to the anchor point. (See table below)

Rotational resistance (resistance when turning left to right) is only available in the Pro and Varsity models. It is applied when rotating your neck using a tension brake which provides friction as the slider moves around the guide track.

On the Varsity model the rotational resistance is fixed but it is fully adjustable on the Pro model meaning you can continue to progress rotational strength with the Pro.
What is the difference between isometric and rotational training?
Isometric training means contracting the muscle without it changing length, meaning your body is keeping position against resistance. An example of this is when the core tenses during a plank. These exercises strengthen the muscles responsible for stabilising the body and maintaining healthy posture.

Iron Neck focuses on isometric training first as strengthening muscles without changing their length reduces risk of injury and builds foundational strength that will help protect you.
Rotational training involves twisting/rotating the body, specifically looking left and right and rotating the neck around in circles.

These exercises work specific muscles involved in creating twisting and rotational force. Rotational training improves your neck strength in different positions and ranges of motion you use countless times in sport and everyday life. These exercises involve the muscles changing length meaning they are concentric (muscle shortening) and eccentric exercises (muscle lengthening).

This gives you a stronger more functional neck by training it in all directions. This is especially important for athletes who need neck strength in all directions.
Do I need rotational resistance?
Isometric resistance forces your muscles you to keep your body in position. This strengthens the muscles which stabilise the neck and back which improves posture.

Rotational resistance exercises the muscles which contract when the neck rotates. The Varsity and Pro therefore allow you to exercise a wider range of muscles as they allow you to exercise isometrically and rotationally.

Rotational resistance exercises also allows you to build a healthier neck by improving its strength through its full range of motion, making it stronger and more resilient. They also more effectively strengthens the upper back and shoulder muscles which support neck movement.

Rotational resistance is especially important in sports where neck strength is critical to performance and concussion risk is high. These factors are vital to performance in sports like rugby, MMA, boxing and jiu jitsu. Rotational forces are thought to be more more injurious to your brain than linear forces as it can potentially twist and tear at the brain stem.

Part of your neck’s job is to slow head acceleration after an impact or fall to the ground. Iron Neck through rotational strengthening allows you to decelerate the head as it takes a blow which reduces the amount of force/energy transferred from your body to the brain. Rotational neck strength adds another layer of defence against concussion risk. This helps in sports where blows to the head can and do often happen like boxing and rugby.

Rotational resistance is also great for achieving faster and more effective increases in neck size and strength by adding concentric neck contractions. This improves hypertrophy (muscle growth) and increases stability of the head, neck and upper back. These factors help you fight for position better with the head in sports like rugby, BJJ and MMA.
Which Iron Neck should I get and what are the differences?
There are three iron neck bundles: Starter, Varsity and Pro. The key difference is how rotational resistance or drag/friction during rotation is applied.

The Starter model has no rotational braking component. You can rotate but the slider will move friction free around the ring making it easy and smooth for you rotate. This means it doesn’t train rotational strength (turning the neck side-to-side) only isometric strength (keeping the neck still against resistance).
The Starter is great for anyone looking for foundational neck rehab and strength.

The Varsity model has a constant brake applied, providing a constant but low level of friction during rotational movements. Primarily this is used by the athletic crowd wanting to add size, strength and reduce concussion risk.

The Pro model has a variable tension dial allowing you to adjust how much friction is applied. This means you can adjust the rotational distance from friction free to very difficult. So you can progress your rotational strength.

The Pro is recommended for those who want total neck rehab or sports performance by progressing the neck in every direction and range of motion as well as for professionals who need to change resistance for each client.

The accessories also vary slightly:
The Starter comes with a door anchor (slides through the gap when the door opens), the Varsity has a door and cinch anchor (for posts) whereas the Pro comes with a door anchor, cinch anchor and door belt (a belt that wraps around your door). So as you go up each model you get an extra type of anchor point.
Every bundle comes with a 25lb resistance band.
What are the differences in anchor points?
The door belt is a strap that is designed to be wrapped around the door horizontally. This makes training at home or in the office easy.

The door anchor slips through your door on the hinge side. When you close the door it provides an anchor point. This is quick and easy to use at home or in the office.

The cinch anchor is designed to be wrapped around a pole such as a rack at the gym or a smith machine. This is great when training at the gym or with your own equipment at home.
Is training with Iron Neck hygienic?
Yes. Iron Neck is made from antibacterial materials which can easily be wiped down with disinfectant cleaner. If sharing Iron Neck we recommend having your own skull cap (machine washable) as an added layer of protection against germs.
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Iron Neck Varsity Bundle

Best Seller


Increase neck size, power, resist chokes and reduce concussion in contact sports with functional neck training.

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    30 Day Risk-Free Trial

    Free Returns

  • Warranty


    2-Year Warranty

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